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Hi, my name is Kim Schouten. I am from the Netherlands and I am currently employed as a data scientist at Erasmus Q-Intelligence, a commercial venture of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

At the same university, I got my PhD on the topic of Semantics-Driven Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis. You can find my research output on my Google Scholar profile. If you can’t find the full PDF version of any of my papers, just drop me a message and I will point you to it.

My BSc and MSc were actually in the Informatics and Economics domain, but given my interest in natural language, I did both my theses on text-related topics. And while I am no longer in academia, I am still fascinated by natural language and how to get algorithms to properly work with it.

My PhD phase wasn’t about doing only research, there was also quite a bit of teaching involved. I have taught IT skills for over 5 years to first-year International Business Administration students. This was quite a challenge, especially with the hundreds of students enrolled in it. Turns out that I love to teach, although I prefer groups to be smaller than 500…

As a data scientist at Erasmus Q-Intelligence I am actually still teaching, as we are providing a number of post-masters to working professionals who want to know more about data. I am involved with teaching courses like (Big) Data Retrieval & Text Mining, Introduction to Programming, Deep Learing, and ShinyApps in our Data Science and Business Analytics program. This is a one year deep-dive into data science, which has been very successful over the last couple of years. Starting this year I am working on a course called Data Organization for a new post-master called Business Intelligence and Descriptive Analytics.

I am a big fan of the growth mindset and the life-long learning adagium, which is why I try to keep improving and learning wherever I can. Working in a rapidly changing environment such as data science, I must say that this is almost a necessity, albeit a fun one. I followed a bunch of Coursera courses in the past, but I have also studied e.g., things related to DevOps because we needed to formalise and automate the workflow in our team.

With this website I am organising and sharing the things that I have done in the past or that I am still doing. It will help me to keep everything sorted, and maybe there is something in it that will help you.